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Fez places

The medina of Fez is classified Unesco World Heritage Site because it is home to the oldest university in the world. Fez reached its height in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, under the dynasty of mérinides. The main monuments of the Medina date from this period: madrasah, fondouks, palaces, residences, mosques, fountains, etc. Despite the transfer of the seat of the capital Rabat in 1912, Fez still today retains its status as cultural and spiritual capital of the country.

The doors of the medina
Bab Bou Djeloud
– Bab Bou Djeloud: This is the main gate corresponding to the main entrance to the medina

– Bab Dekakène: Door to castle-like where criminals were tried in the Middle Ages.

The souks and fondouks

Fondouks are caravanserais. This is storey buildings built around a rectangular courtyard. The various parts of a fondouk served either warehouse or an inn for travelers. Fondouks Fez now home mostly workshops.

The souk of Fez has existed for centuries and it has changed very little. Get ready for a back in time! Fez is also the capital of crafts, so you can find souvenirs to take multiple (carpets, pottery, jewelry, etc …).
The bins of chemical treatment of leather
The souk is organized by corporation and the most famous is the souk of dyers where you can watch them work in the open.

See, Seffarine Square, with its beautiful central fountain, is traditionally occupied by the artisans of copper.

Karaouiyne-university mosque

The mosque KaraouiyneFondée in 859, it became the largest university in the former Arab world. The entrance is closed to non-Muslims because it is still a spiritual place today. These will therefore always try to see its 270 columns and 24 gates arranged around a courtyard in favor of the left gate ajar …

the madrassas

These ancient Koranic schools were boarding office for students. They are richly decorated and open to visitors from 8:30 to 17:00. Do not miss:

– Madrasah Attarine: Facing the Karaouiyne mosque, it was founded by mérinides the fourteenth century. Scheduled to host 60 students, this madrasa is one of the finest of the Muslim world with calligraphy masterpieces, mosaics and marquetry.

– Madrasah Bou Inania: Larger and more impressive even than the madrasa Attarine is the building most sumptuous of the Marinid era.

– Madrasah Cherratine: This is the biggest madrasa Fez in terms of capacity (240 students). It was built by the Alawites in 1670 in an avant-all functional and practical.

– Madrasah Seffarine: Built in 1280 on the square of the same name, this madrasa is the oldest of Fez. Its decoration reminds the traditional Moroccan houses.

– Madrasah Sehrij: Isolated in the Andalous district of the Medina, it exudes an atmosphere of calm and tranquility. In the center of the courtyard, a beautiful small pool is reserved for ablutions.

The Andalous mosque

This majestic mosque overlooks the Andalous district of the Medina. It was built in 860 by Miriam, the sister of Fatima who built the mosque Karaouiyne.

The Palace Museum and Dar Batha

This palace was built by Hassan I in the idea of reuniting the two cities of Fez Fez-el-Baki and Fez el-Djedid. It was transformed into crafts museum under the French protectorate and remained today.

Exposed: local pottery and ceramics dating back to the thirteenth century, embroidery, clothing, jewelry Middle Atlas, etc. Here you can also admire the monumental gates decorated and huge padlock that were used to close the doors of the night the medina.

And also…

– The Nejjarine Fountain: Located after the souk of carpenters, the pretty fountain of the eighteenth century is decorated with multicolored mosaics.
– Bou Gardens Djeloud
– Mellah: it means the Jewish quarter of the Moroccan cities. Now deserted, the Jewish quarter of Fez reflects the rich history and culture of Morocco.
– The mausoleum of Moulay Idriss II: Second sacred sity of Morocco, closed to non-Muslims, this shrine is dedicated to the founder of the city of Fez.

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